"6th issue of the periodical titled "YA/DA" of the Ministry of National Education was published. The magazine questions the fear of maths in its latest issue under the title of "Making peace with maths". The magazine aims at creating quality of agenda topics in culture, arts and life."

The new issue of the magazine published by the Ministry of National Education every two months is available at schools, bookshops and magazine stands. The magazine which draws attention with its rich content and visual materials is making an intellectual and to the point touch to the aspect of education that covers life. The last issue of the magazine includes an interview with contemporary novelist and engineering professor Murat Gülsoy about maths in relation with literature and language. Another interview in the magazine is conducted with leading mathematician Ali Nesin and the headline of this interview is "Maths is a matter of understanding." There is also another interview with Finnish Maths Teacher Maarıt Rossı about the fear of maths.
Other headlines of the magazine which focuses on "Making peace with maths" are as follows: "Maths and Love, Simple but Complicated, Justifying Numbers, Who fears the maths, Pırıl Example with Ali Sacihan, Mathematical thinking, Maths in Pre-school education, We have asked your maths teacher, Marks of women in maths, Painting and maths, I am a maths teachers, poetry of maths and when I catch the Spanish flu."
"World's Education Agenda" section of the magazine includes many articles concerning new developments in the education world.
Portrait section of the magazine includes an article named, "Maths as a life style by Cahit Arf" which gives readers the opportunity for getting to learn more about maths fan Cahit Arf who believes loving maths and infatuated with maths through the lifetime can only be possible by learning and understanding maths.
Culture and arts section offers a refreshing salute with its rich content
Two different analyses on Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky's white composition which is considered as one of the most important paintings of the 20th century will catch the attention of readers in the art section of the magazine. Just like it happened in the previous issues, the new issue includes photography/poetry and illustrations. In the movie section, there is a research article about examples from movies under the headline of "maths and movie" and an interview with Kaan Atilla Taşkın about his passion for movies and his future projects. In the theatre section of the magazine, there is a review of the "Life Vest" play based on immigration drama of people who are forced to leave their homelands.
The library section offers book reviews again. In this issue, you will have the opportunity to read reviews of "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger, and Ethem Baran's last book entitled "Döngel Dünya" which was awarded with 66th Sait Faik Story Award. Articles about Sam Horn's Tongue Fu in School life and Doğan Cüceloğlu and İrfan Erdoğan's essays on education and teaching profession will also draw the interest of readers.
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