The Ministry of National Education has published the 8th issue of "Education or Education (Eğitim YA DA Eğitim) which was prepared to offer quality of articles on education, culture and arts. The recent issue of the magazine focuses on "Parenthood."

The latest issue of the YA DA Magazine known with its rich content and visual design is seeking the answer to the question how to turn "reasonable" parenthood into "desirable" parenthood. This issue aims at providing more solid and clear ground for discussions on "parenthood", bringing parents and those who worked long hours with parents together in order to find solutions to problems by reflecting parenthood mood from different perspectives.
The eighth issue of the magazine includes an interview entitled "Seeking for the Good Family" with author Nihan Kaya who wrote books on families and children and it provides parenthood analysis from the perspective of a child. Moreover, "Will Father Come Back Home" is another interview in the magazine. The interview with veteran author and sociologist Fatma Barbarosoğlu explains the historical and sociological transformation of parenthood from the view point of a parent. Psychologist Tülay Kök wrote an article about adults aiming at becoming "desirable" parents. Mahmut Çil in his article entitled, "Parenthood Test: Being the Parent of Child with Special Talents" touches the hearts of readers.
Other articles on parenthood are as follows: "Sensitive Parenthood, Adult Children of Immature Parents, When did you decide what kind of father you want to be? Mother language of every child: Games and What kind of parenting?" 
Education Agenda of the World section of the magazine includes rich articles about different subjects varying from overprotective parenting concept to the need of children for arts education and digital literacy.  The Portrait section is dedicated to one of the most prominent names of Turkish literature, culture and political life, Halide Edip Adıvar.
The movie section focuses on the parent- child relationship portrayed in the local and foreign movies in an article named "Mothers and Fathers in the Movie Screen". Meanwhile, a critique about "A breath of Dede Korkut" play performed by the İstanbul State Theater will catch the attention of art lovers.
Analysis on the work of Byung-Chul Han about the beauty concept of today entitled "Saving the Beautiful" deserves the interest of readers. Meanwhile, readers will enjoy an article on the life of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and his "First Steps" painting.
The Library section of the magazine includes articles entitled, "There is no perfect parenthood, When the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, My child is driving me crazy, Age of children who do not want their dreams back and I am the owner my childhood not my children" and analyses on selected books.
You can visit yadadergi.com in order to subscribe to the magazine or learn more about the contents of the recent issue.

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