Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk made comments and answered questions during a TRT News live broadcast.

Answering a question about the break in the face to face education, Selçuk said it is a dynamic process and due to circumstances the Ministry of National Education had to make constant evaluations.
Minister Selçuk said that schools are under control and the Ministry had the opportunity to monitor daily teachers, parents, students, school principals and school bus drivers who have been in contact with corona infected patients through mobile application adding that: "During our daily monitors, we have seen that the rise in the number of corona patients in the society may cause a rise in the virus risk at schools. We have been considering the suggestions of the Science Board and taking decisions in line with our consultations with the Ministry of Health. Now, the Science Board suggested to us to close schools due to rise in the pandemic and risk of infection. So, there is no reason for us to say no to this suggestion."
Concerning a question about what will happen after January 4, Selçuk said the Ministry has been making evaluations by considering daily data and aims at making an evaluation about the impact of measures taken as a part of fight against the pandemic.
"We won't risk our colleagues and students"
"We are going to make a final evaluation two weeks before January 4 according to the data of that period. We will consider either Option A or Option B. There is nothing more important than the health of our teachers and students. We will not do anything that would risk our colleagues or students."
Central Examinations
Answering a question about central examinations, Minister Selçuk said it will not be right to conduct examinations when students continue to get distance education.
Minister Selçuk went on to say: "It is not right to hold examinations once every week at schools when our country aims at reducing circulation. We have postponed examinations. We have not decided the date of the exams yet. Examinations which were conducted before will be valid. We are hoping to make plans about the examinations after January 4 depending on the situation of the pandemic."
"We are trying to provide advantages for students in order to help them to cope with this global problem"
Concerning a question about internships, Minister Selçuk stated that the health risk of students and teachers are too high right now and decisions about internship will be made after January 4.
Saying that the pandemic is not an ordinary process, Selçuk said, "It is not ordinary for any student, any teacher or parent. This is an unusual process for all of us. We are trying to provide advantages for students in order to help them to cope with this global problem.
"We are doing everything in order to make things easier for students"
Minister Selçuk explained that the Ministry has established video libraries that allow children to watch lesson videos online or offline and these videos are also available on TRT EBA channels.
Pointing out that students can also benefit from academic support software, Selçuk said, "We did everything in order to make things easier for students. These were not available before. We are working in order to provide more support during the pandemic. We are also planning to reduce the chapters that will be asked during the examinations. This requires a technical and long study."
"Ministry of National Education Wants to Keep Schools Open All the Time"
When it was asked if it will be possible to open face to face education only for first grade students, Selçuk said, "This is an issue that must be decided in consensus. The Ministry of National Education wants to keep schools open all the time and we are trying to do this. But, when there is a risk, we have to stop."
Answering a question about additional course fees for teachers, Selçuk stated, "Distance education is harder and more exhausting than the face to face education. Our teachers are working hard during this period and they will be paid for their labors."
"Every student must be evaluated separately"
Minister Selçuk made suggestions to parents about distance education: "We did not have such an experience before. We do not expect students to watch education channels for 8-10 hours a day. We want to them to watch 4-5 lesson videos a day. Some children could not interact with television and some love it. Every student must be evaluated separately."
Pointing out that parents have the opportunity to consult with counselors through the phone, Selçuk said, "We have the opportunity to solve learning loss problems but it is hard to deal with emotional and social losses."
"I would like to thank teachers and parents for their efforts"
Underlining that the pandemic was a very hard period for teachers and parents, Selçuk said, "I would like to thank them for their efforts. I have a big responsibility on my shoulders. We are here for them in order to help them make this process easier. Today, we had a meeting with the provincial directorates of national education of 81 cities. We will make assessments according to special conditions of their cities and take steps accordingly."

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